Best Hockey Skates For Beginners (2023) – Beginner Hockey Skates

Looking for the best beginner hockey skates requires plenty of time and research. This is because every hockey player requires a different fit depending on their feet and how they skate.

Also, there are many hockey skates in the market, and you cannot assume that the most popular skate or the first one that you find is right for you.

Our choice for the best hockey skates for beginners is the Bauer Supreme 3S Ice Hockey Skates.

This is because it offers great performance and comfort. The release system makes it easier for players to switch the steel quickly and the Felt tongue prevents lace bites.

Additionally, the hydrophobic liner keeps the feet dry while the Flex composite contours naturally on the feet, giving the player a customized feel.

Finding the right pair of skates goes beyond looking at the model as there are certain factors that you need to consider in ensuring that the skate you purchase is suitable for you and your game.

This article will provide you with information about the different types of hockey skates for beginners, how to fit them, and many more!

New Bauer Fit System Explained

Bauer Performance Skate Fit

Bauer announced in 2020 that they were doing away with their previous method of fitting skates and moving to a new fit system.

The old system had more to do with width and sizing rather than performance. For that reason, Bauer has retired the wider Nexus line of skates. Now, Bauer still has Supreme and Vapor lines, but added on fit options.

Skaters can get FIT1, FIT2, and FIT3, which means they can get skates that are wider with more volume or narrower with less volume, allowing you to focus on whether a Vapor or Supreme skate would be better for you.

10 Best Hockey Skates For Beginners (2023)


Skill Level



Check Now

1. Bauer Supreme 3S

Editor's Choice


845 grams


2. Bauer Vapor 3X

High Performance


802 grams


3. Bauer Vapor X3.7

Budget Friendly


911 grams


4. CCM JetSpeed FT485

Most Comfortable



875 grams


5. Bauer Supreme S37

For Wide Feet


860 grams


6. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro


846 grams


7. Bauer Vapor X2.7


792 grams


8. CCM Super Tacks AS3


805 grams


9. Bauer Vapor X2.9


802 grams


10. TRUE TF9


755 grams


1. Bauer Supreme 3S Beginner Hockey Skates

Best Hockey Skates For Beginners (Editor's Choice)

If you are looking for the best hockey skates for beginners, check out the Bauer Supreme 3S.

These are part of Bauer’s new fit system, so Supreme 3S skates go up to a FIT3, but also come in a FIT1 and FIT2, making them comfortable with all types of feet.

Bauer Supreme 3S Hockey Skates


This type of skate is designed for serious and competitive players who prefer added comfort and a skate constructed with top-end power and speed.

The skate features the 3D Composite boot that flexes easily and is lightweight.

Bauer wants to keep the Supreme line highly successful by improving a few upgrades to the present iteration to get a great skate for every player.

With the new Performance Fit System of Bauer's, players that have medium, wide, or narrow fit can find their ideal fit.


The power profile of Bauer is known as the Quad profile which is a 4 zoned Radii that enables the skate to generate great ice contact.

The first zone uses a 6-foot radius, the second zone is called the transition zone uses a 9-foot radius, the third zone is known as the speed zone uses an 11-foot radius, and the final zone is the stability zone which uses a 13-foot radius.

This skate has a high-grade LS+ stainless steel blade with an added height and can be molded by heat to help in achieving a more aggressive stride and maintaining speed.

The 3D Lasted Flex Composite is a lightweight material that is protective and durable for the player to achieve the most out of the Supreme 3S Ice skates. At the toe, there is a regular toe design that offers protection to the player.

It has a Flex Rating of 70 that offers great stability and support to the player. It has a Pro Felt Tongue of 48 Ounces with an injected metatarsal guard that compresses and releases energy providing comfort and forward flex with increasing protection in the area.

This skate has a power cut that gives an increased wrap for a more powerful stride and optimal foot stability. It also has a TUUK Lightspeed Edge Holder that triggers a release system to allow the player to swap out the steel in seconds. This has been tested for years and played with at elite levels.

The LockFit Liner is a hydrophobic microfiber liner that helps to wick away moisture to keep the feet dry, cool, and locked throughout the game.

The aero foam ankle padding is plusher, thicker, and provides terrific comfort and better wraps around the back of the foot. The Pro TPU outsole is added to it to get an additional stiffness on the skate's lower portion while delivering a straight-line speed.

  • It has increased stiffness and comfort due to the aero foam ankle padding
  • It is durable, strong, lightweight, and extra high
  • It gives good support and allows more flexibility
  • Great foam padding for head protection and an EPP base layer for improved energy absorption
  • We didn't find any

2. Bauer Vapor 3X Ice Hockey Skates

High Performance

This skate is designed for a hockey player who skates two to three times per week and wants a good balance of comfort, fit, and performance without a high price tag.

Bauer Vapor 3X Hockey Skates


This boot is not only lightweight, but it has the extra stiffness and support needed by every player to win their next race. It has a 3D-lasting process that contours naturally to the foot even before you start playing by delivering anatomically correct shape.

Over a couple of years, Bauer has focused on differentiating and separating the attributes of performance of Supreme and Vapor skates from the feel and on-ice performance perspective. The new materials, different flex points, and new technologies differentiate these skates.

The Vapor Model focuses on quickness with the skate lower part being softer for an increased response while the upper part is stiffer for increased lateral support. Vapor skate Flex point is in the lower point to enhance speed and agility.


This skate has its weight significantly reduced to approximately 6.5 % lighter and is a full composite boot that offers great thermoforming capabilities and support.

Other than the weight saving there is the taller and improved quality LS+ runner bringing out an outstanding value. It has an asymmetrical toe cap which reduces the skate volume for an improved low profile fit while improving your push-off with every stride.

It has a Pro Stock Tongue of 40ounce that has a comfortable lining to provide a balance of support, performance, and great feel.

The boot has a Bauer's Form Fit+ footbed with hydrophobic microfiber liner for a soft feel, good support, and wick away sweat while keeping your feet secure inside the boot. The footbed offers comfort whenever you step into the skate.

Vapor 3X skate offer players a great low-profile option together with the right performance and fit features that make this model a tremendous value.

It has a 3D Flex Lightweight Composite Outsole that provides tremendous foot support. This outsole is engineered for optimal flex, fit and long-term performance.

It has the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder for longer strides and better quality. This holder is currently the most popular in the NHL. The quick-release trigger system enables the player to swap out damaged and broken steel quickly. It also helps keep the player's feet on the ice.

  • It is lightweight and comfortable
  • It is fit for high-performance with an affordable price tag
  • It provides maximum speed and agility
  • The new toe cap size gives a universal and comfortable fit to everyone
  • They are not the best choice for experienced players

3. Bauer Vapor X3.7 Beginner Hockey Skates

Budget Friendly 

The Vapor X3.7 beginner hockey skates are suitable for players who skate one to two times per week and looking for a skate with more technologies and quality features for great performance, flexibility, and comfort.

Bauer Vapor X3.7 Hockey Skates


Bauer understood the value of graphic appeal and comfort when it comes to the X3.7. they used digital printing technologies to improve the visual richness of this hockey skate.

The boot has 3D injected composite which is around 4% lighter compared to other models in the industry to provide more flexibility and support for efficient strides.


Bauer combines a microfiber liner and memory foam padding in the boot’s interior. The liner offers some added comfort and good support throughout the skate as well as keeping the foot secure and dry.

On the other hand, the memory foam provides quality comfort by contouring to the natural shape of the foot as it is placed strategically in the ankle area.

For a great feel and support, the boot's bottom is fitted with a Bauer's Form-Fit Footbed enabling your feet to be comfortable throughout the game. The 40oz two-piece tongue on top of the skate has a liner to offer extra flexibility and comfort.

The X3.7 also features the LS1 runner and the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder making the blade last longer for this price point.

This is also the most common holder in the NHL because it allows players to switch the damaged and broken steel in seconds using the quick-release trigger system keeping them off the bench and on the ice.

  • 4% lighter because of the composite material
  • The two-piece tongue and footbed make it comfortable and secure
  • The padding provides more support
  • Fits perfectly
  • Could not find any

4. CCM JetSpeed FT485 Hockey Skates

Most Comfortable 

The FT485 is suitable for players who skate two to three times a week and do not want to spend more money on their skate but also need top technologies, performance benefits, and quality comfort.

CCM JetSpeed FT485 Hockey Skates


This skate offers a wide or regular fit depending on your feet to allow for a closer fit, customized feel for quicker strides.

This skate is a one-piece boot constructed with an RFM composite material that is lightweight. The boot is designed for acceleration and performance, allowing players to have a more direct transfer of energy a tighter fit for faster strides.

The stiffness index of this skate is less than the FT4 and FT4 Pro but is still lighter and offers enough support for a player at a performance level.


The CCM’s XS Tongue found in the AS3 Tacks skate line and new to the Jetspeed line takes protection and comfort to another level as they are interchangeable.

The XS Tongue System allows players to swap out the different tongue inserts to enhance the protection and feel of the skate. It also provides options for players to either reduce or increase the volume of the boot's interior for the best fit.

The three fits that CCM provides range from slim to thick. The first option is the 4mm thick allows for more movement by increasing the volume of the boot.

The second option is the 7mm thick tongue provides more protection and is 20% stronger than compared to the stock tongue. The final option is the 10mm thick tongue which provides a better fighting lace bite and a snugger fit by decreasing the volume of the boot.

The above tongue inserts are for extra purchase as the FT485 comes with a tongue that has great performance. It has a thickness of 7mm and features improved comfort, protection from lace bite, and an enhanced overall feel.

For a custom feel, the FT485 has a TotalDri liner and Memory Foam pads which are also used in the FT4 skates.

The multi-density foam pads wrap around the foot and take its natural shape while the liner wicks away moisture, keeps the feet dry, and enables it to resist abrasions. This will protect against rubbing or wear as well as prevent lace bites.

Ortholite technology is used in the construction of this skate’s footbed. It is an eco-friendly design with 5% recycled rubber to offer ideal support and a lightweight feel. The final feature of this skate is the Speedblade XS steel runner and holder for the senior skate. The intermediate skate features the CCM XS stainless steel runner. This feature makes the skate durable for long-term performance.

  • One-piece boot allows for direct energy transfer and a closer fit
  • The liner keeps the feet dry by wicking away the moisture
  • The tongue system enables players to swap out the inserts
  • The composite material makes this skate lightweight
  • The footbed provides more support and comfort
  • Can cause small blisters in the beginning before breaking in

5. Bauer Supreme S37 Beginner Hockey Skates

For Wide Feet 

If you are a skilled player that plays more frequently and looking for a skate that offers both comfort and value, the S37 is for you.

Bauer Supreme S37 Hockey Skates


It also comes in the intermediate size range and is available in two widths, EE (wide) and D (regular).

It has a flex rating of 65 to allow the player to have a full range of motion, making the skate easier to use. This skate is stiffer because of the fiber composite quarter to provide more energy transfer, support, and stability.


This skate features a 40-ounce Felt tongue that has mesh metatarsal protection as well as an ankle pad that is constructed using light memory foam to offer extra flexibility and support.

The TUUK Lightspeed sled holder is reliable and easy-care and allows for a quick release-switching of the blade, providing dependability and easier maintenance.

The footbed is upgraded and has thermoformable properties and the microfiber liner keeps the foot dry by wicking away the moisture. This makes the foot more comfortable for the player throughout the game.

  • The microfiber liner keeps the foot dry
  • The footbed makes the skate comfortable
  • Allows for a full range of motion
  • Fits well with a great feel
  • Extremely lightweight
  • It is a little tight mid-foot

6. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Hockey Skates


Starting with the design of the Supreme 3S Pro, you will find that the design elements increase the overall comfort of the skates. They will also help with performance through the use of an increased forward flex.

Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Hockey Skates

The skates themselves will provide a high level of comfort, which is enhanced by the Reflex tendon Guard, the Reflex tongue, and Standard Facing.

These skates come with a power cut, which is there to increase the wrap for optimal foot stability. That will increase your stride efficiency and reduce the typical fatigue you get from skating. The footbed is a Lock Fit, which will help keep your foot right where it should be, further improving your skating power.


Looking at the skates’ features, the Supreme 3S have an 80 flex rating as well, which is really nice for more elite skaters who have a lot of experience, because they are stiff with a high level of stability, which more inexperienced players would have a hard time with.

The skates themselves are incredibly lightweight, so they should be easy to wear for long games or practices without causing any fatigue.

The skates also come with Power Profile features that will help you maintain your speed and a powerful stride. The Power Profile is a 4-zoned radii, which is also called a quad profile, helping with four different movements.

Thee four zones include a zone for acceleration, a zone for transitioning, a speed zone, and a stability zone, all working together to give you a lot of power and control over how your skates move.

These skates are thermoformable, so it can be heated to make it a more customized fit without having to go through a period of break-in time.

The skate blade holder is a Lightspeed Pulse TI Edge. The skate also has the Tuuk LS Pulse premium grade steel for the blade. This is made with a mirror finish to enhance your gliding ability, and also adds a little extra height for faster movement.

  • 3D Lasted Curv Composite
  • Thermoformable
  • Power cut
  • 80 flex rating
  • Lightspeed Edge Holder
  • We didn’t find any!

7. Bauer Vapor X2.7 Beginner Hockey Skates

Good quality beginner hockey skates that you can get on a budget are the Bauer Vapor X2.7 senior hockey skates.

These are best used for players who are more casual, but still interested in getting the best performance possible on a budget.

Bauer Vapor X2.7 Ice Hockey Skates


The Vapor X2.7 skates are incredibly comfortable. They come with a Comfortflex System that allows for improved overall, but doesn’t sacrifice any comfort to do so.

Having better feel from your skates means that you will have more control over the movements and know exactly where your feet are and what they are doing.

The memory foam padding also enhances the comfort level of the boots, making them easy to wear for long periods of time.

In fact, it is strategically placed around the ankle area to give you a high level of comfort and support. The boot also has a Form Fit footbed which will increase the support of your foot within the boot, keeping your foot both comfortable and stable.


The best feature that you will get from the Bauer Vapor X2.7 is that they have a one-piece 3D Polycarb quarter package.

This means that they are built with a snug fit from the ankle to the heel. It will secure your foot within the boot, ensuring that you will not experience any slipping or blisters. The microfiber liner within the boot will also help to prevent blisters or other injuries like it.

Like other Bauer skates, these come with the Tuuk Lightspeed edge holder system. The best part about this system is the quick trigger release that allows you to swap out your blades quickly, without the use of any tools.

This will keep you from being stuck on a bench while trying to change out a bad pair of blades. There is a Bauer tool included that can help keep your hand safe during the process. The holder also improves the energy transfer from the boot for better striding.

  • Microfiber liner
  • Tuuk Lightspeed edge holder
  • One-piece 3D Polycarb quarter
  • Comfortflex system
  • Memory foam padding
  • Low profile is snug for players with bigger feet

8. CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Hockey Skates

For the perfect hockey skates that deliver the highest performance possible, look no further than the CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro.

These skates are built to give you the comfort and speeds you need to be able to play at your best.

CCM Super Tacks AS3 Hockey Skates


Starting with a look at its design, the Super Tacks AS3 Pro has a removable tongue. That means you can change out the tongue if you would like a tongue with more or less padding.

The XS Tongue is there for both comfort and protection, so having the option to change the tongue is a big deal for the overall feel of the skates.

The AS3 Pro skates also come with a one-piece MonoFrame boot. The MonoFrame is a one-piece carbon composite that will help with energy transfer and fit, but it really is engineered for pure speed and performance. The composite itself wraps underneath the boot, ensuring that there is no loss of energy while you are skating.


Moving onto its performance features, the AS3 Pro skates have a positive-lock mechanism called the Xchange System.

This will secure the blade to the holder, but also makes it simple to change out your blades. The blades themselves are XS1 Black blades, made with oxide-treated steel for better edging. The oxide will come off over time, however.

Another great feature that you will get with the AS3 Pro skates is the CCM DuraZone abrasion pads. The pads will extend the life of the liner, which is especially nice if you happen to wear your shin guards under the tongue.

There is also a Total Dri-Pro liner that will wick any water away from your feet, helping to keep them dry and blister-free, even when you are wearing them for hours at a time.

Finally, the skates come with an Ortholite UltraLite footbed. This is a streamlined approach to the footbed, which helps to keep the skates as light as possible.

The moisture is also released out of the bottom of the boot, so there is no water pooling anywhere, ensuring that your feet will stay dry. Wet feet are miserable to try to skate with, and you will need your boots to dry out in between practices.

  • One-piece carbon composite MonoFrame
  • Anatomical formfitting support
  • Speedblade XS blade holder
  • DuraZone Abrasion Protection
  • Total Dri Pro Liner
  • The black oxide on the blades will rub off over time

9. Bauer Vapor X2.9 Hockey Skates

Another great hockey skates for beginners are the Bauer Vapor X2.9 With these skates, you will get all of the high quality features that you can expect from Bauer, but still meet the needs of a new skater who is just learning the ropes.

Bauer Vapor X2.9 Hockey Skates


Let’s start with its design. The Vapor X2.9 is made with a low-profile, which is designed to provide an enhanced fit.

This is ideal for players who have low-volume feet, though with the new Bauer fit system, players with high-volume feet might still find these comfortable. You really will need to try them on first to figure out whether they will fit you well.

The skates also have the PerformFlex System, which will give you better comfort, fit, and overall performance.

This is part of the 3D Lasted Tech Mesh quarter package, where the skates are constructed to give you a high amount of support. They will be stiff at first, but are thermoformable, so you can lessen the break-in period.


The Vapor X2.9 skates include a hydrophobic microfiber liner with a Form-Fit+ footbed. The liner is soft with a nice feel to it, but it is still able to wick water away from your skin.

The liner will also help secure your foot within the boot, so you will not slip around and will still have a high level of stability. The boot also has Comfort Edge and Aero Foam padding for extra support and some personalized comfort within the ankle, so they should have a nice, solid fit.

The skates come with the Bauer TuukLightspeed Edge holder as well, which is a system that provides performance benefits as well as making it easy to swap out the blades as needed.

These come with the Tuuk LS1 runner, which has a decent edge life, but it is not the highest quality blade out on the market, so once you start to get the hang of skating, you might want to change it out for something a little more high-end.

The skates also have a two-piece, 48 ounce felt tongue that has been injected with a metatarsal guard to increase your overall protection and comfort. This will help to prevent lace bite as well, giving you an added element of security.

  • Form Fit+ Footbed
  • TuukLightspeed Edge
  • PerformFlex System
  • Low-profile design
  • 3D Lasted Tech Mesh Quarter
  • Blades are not steel

10. TRUE TF9 Ice Hockey Skates

Sometimes, you want to make sure that you are wearing only the most comfortable hockey skates out there. If that sounds like you, check out the True TF9 skates.

These skates are made for comfort, and are both light and easy to wear for long periods of time. They really have a best-in-class fit, since they have a lot of features to increase their overall comfort.

TRUE TF9 Hockey Skates


Looking at the design of the TF9, you will find that it includes a personalized fit system. The system works to integrate the insole of the boot to accommodate players who have a variety of arch heights, so that should fit anyone’s foot comfortably.

The skates are also ultra-lightweight, which will help your performance by keeping your legs from becoming fatigued. As a result, they really are designed for elite players who like to be light on their feet.

Furthermore, the boots comes with an anatomical tongue with a t-guard insert. With a stiff and contoured design that will give you a lightweight tongue. It will ensure that the tongue has an anatomical fit for even better comfort. It will deliver added protection against impact, while still protecting your feet from lace bite.


Moving onto the skates’ features, you will see the skates have a personalized fit system. This means that it is made to integrate low, medium, and high-arched feet. The insert placement can be adjusted to meet the needs of your feet, giving you the perfect amount of support.

The skates offer a Shift holder. This is a new feature that uses BenchChange technology. With that technology, you will be able to replace your skate blades without the use of a magnetized blade tool in order to reengage the blade, making it very simple.

The skates are thermoformable as well, so the skates can be baked before wearing in order to mold them around your feet.

That means that you will have a reduced break-in period, getting them to a perfect comfort-level for your needs, without putting your feet through pain.

Another comfort features that they use is True’s antimicrobial, moisture-wicking liner. This will keep your feet dry during and after a game, all through the use of its multi-density foam. The foam is known as a HydroFoam, where water will not be pooling in the bottom of your skates.

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Elite performance
  • HydroFoam
  • Anatomical Tongue
  • Personalized Fit System
  • We didn’t find anything!

How To Find The Best Beginner Hockey Skates

Best Hockey Skates For Beginners

There are several considerations to keep in mind when you are shopping for new hockey skates.

You will need to make sure that you have the right sizing, the right foot type, and that you have taken into consideration what your skill level is.

Hockey Skates Sizing

If you were to guess, you might assume that your hockey skates will be the same size as your street shoes. This is not the case, however. Depending on the brand, you can expect that your hockey skates will actually be at least one or two sizes smaller than the shoe size you would normally go for.

Every brand, from Bauer to CCM, has their own skating sizing chart that you will need to follow to make sure to get the right fit possible. If you are ordering online, do not make a wild guess or you are likely to have to return them later. Follow the size charts closely to get the best size possible.

Your Foot Type (Regular, Narrow, Wide)

The width of your foot also affects the fit of your skates. Luckily, hockey skates come in every width imaginable to accommodate the variety of widths. Their width ratings do look different than standard shoes, however.

For Bauer Skates, The Three Major Lines Are:

  • Vapor: Narrow width
  • Supreme: Average width
  • Nexus: Average to Wide width

For CCM, The Major Lines Are:

  • Ribcor: Narrow width
  • Jetspeed: Average width
  • Tacks: Average to Wide width

You will find that the major brands do offer a variety of widths, but pay attention to the fit as well. Even if they are listed as an average width, some skates will run tighter and narrower than others.

Your Playing Style

The type of hockey player that you are can also impact the type of hockey skates that you should get.

  • Aggressive Players: If you are a more aggressive player or are likely to put heavy force on your skates, you will need skates that have a forward pitch at the ankles. This will give you a deeper knee bed.

    Forwards should opt for skates in this category. You will need skates that allow you to push with force so you can go forward with speed and power. You will want skates that are lightweight and highly responsive. The skates need to be rigid and have a flat foot plate in order to maximize power.

  • Reserved Players: These players can go with skates that have a traditional fit. Defensive positions can usually go with reserved and more traditional fitting skates since they are less likely to chase down a puck like forwards would be.

What's Your Skill Level

Hockey Skill Level

While it might seem like a great skate should work for all levels of skaters, in truth, your experience level does impact the type of skates that you should get. Beginners and experienced players should be looking for different features in their skates in order to find the best ice hockey skates for them.

Hockey Skates For Beginners

When you are a new player, you can go with a middle of the line skate. There is no reason to go for the most expensive and high performance skates when you are just starting.

Top of the line skates are stiffer which will be harder to manoeuvre. Likewise, you need stable boots to support your ankles to prevent injury. Here's how to hockey stop for beginners.

When you are looking for hockey skates for beginners, you should do a squeeze test on the boot of the skate.

It should move a little when you squeeze, but not completely collapse inward. If it doesn’t move at all, it is too stiff. It is ideal if you can go to a store and try on skates as well as have a staff member help you size your hockey skates. 

Remember that you should not buy used hockey skates under any circumstance for your own comfort and safety.

Hockey Skates For Experienced Players

Experienced and competitive players will look for skates that are on the higher end of the price spectrum. The types of skates that they will need are skates that are extra stiff. When you hold the skate and squeeze the boot, the skate should not move inward.

This will mean that the skates are as stable as possible, which is exactly what you need for a competitive skate.

You will also need to make sure that you have lightweight skates. Combined with stability, you will have the right type of skates to give you the best speed and precision that you need in order to manoeuvre well around the rink.

High performance skates will also have more of a heel lock to keep your foot where it should be as well as a footbed that will mold to your foot, keeping it in place within the boot.

Ice Hockey Skates Construction

Hockey Skate Construction

There are three primary parts in a hockey skate’s construction: the boot, the holders, and the runners.

  • Boot: This is the part of the skate that you put your foot into and that you will lace up. The boot is usually high or low and can come in several stiffness types to match your playing style. It is important that your boot fit your foot well in order for you to perform well on the ice.

  • Holders: The holder is the portion of material below the boot of your skate. This is the connector between the boot and the blade. The holder is normally made of plastic or composite material. Different brands have different heights in runners which can alter how you skate.

  • Runners: The runners on your skates are also referred to as the blades of your skates. This is the stainless steel end on your skate and the part that touches the ice. You will need to get your runners sharpened from time to time in order to keep them sharp so you can skate well.

What Makes Up A Hockey Skate Boot

A hockey skate boot is made up of several different parts.

  • Quarter Package: This runs from the front of the toe, along your midfoot, and up the ankle. It is a rigid area that can often be baked.
  • Footbed: This is the part that your foot sits on, referred to as an insole when you are talking about street shoes.
  • Heel Support: Heel support is the back of your foot, where it locks into place. Your heel should not be able to slip around if it is well supported.
  • Liner: The liner is the inside of your boot. It is usually made up of a water wicking material or leather. It meant for moisture management.
  • Ankle Padding: The padding around the ankles is often a type of foam. This acts to keep your ankles in place, but also gives you an added layer of protection.
  • Outsole: The outsole of the boot is the part of the boot that touches the holder. It is usually made of leather and is durable.
  • Tongue: The tongue of the boot is the same as any of your shoes. It is usually made of dense felt to give you protection.

Can The Steel (Blade) Be Replaced On Your Skates?

The steel blades on your hockey skates can absolutely be replaced. The runners on your skates should be kept rust free, burr free, smooth, and sharp in order to get the best performance you can. After they have been sharpened several times, the steel will wear down, making new blades necessary.

You will be able to feel when your runners are wearing down because skating will feel wobbly and you will not have the ability to turn as sharply as you might have been able to in the past. You can get new runners from a local hockey shop or online.

How Stiff Should Your Skates Be?

The stiffness of your skates should depend entirely on your level of skating and the type of skating that you will be doing. If a skate is too soft, there will be no stability which will set you up for injury, such as a sprained ankle, on the ice.

More advanced players will opt for stiff boots that do not offer much in the way of flexibility around your ankle.

If you get thermoformable skates, you will find that they feel incredibly soft when they are heated up, but once they cool down they will once again regain their stiff appearance. Heating your skates will not improve the overall stiffness of your skates.

How Much Should You Invest In Your Hockey Skates 

The investment that you are willing to make on your hockey skates is an entirely personal decision. While the higher-end and more expensive skates are more likely to have all of the features that you might want from your skates, they might also not be the right skates for you.

If you are not an elite player, you do not need to be spending a huge sum of money on your skates. There are plenty of great skates that have a lower price.

That being said, getting the least expensive skates possible is also a mistake. You need to think about your comfort and protection and many of the inexpensive skates will not be able to provide that.

How To Fit Your Hockey Skates

Ice Hockey Skates Fitting

It is so important to make sure that your hockey skates fit you well. Here are some of the tests that you can do to test the fit.

The Pencil Test

With your skates on and untied, pull out the tongue and place a pencil on top of the eyelets, three outlets down or so. The pencil needs to be able to lay flat and still if the boot is deep enough. If the pencil is touching your foot, you need a deeper boot.

The Finger Test

With the skates on, laced up, and tightened, bend your knees and lean forward. If you reach back, you should be able to see how much space there is between your heel and the boot of the skate. If you can put more than one finger in the gap, it is too loose on your heel.

The Squeeze Test 

You should also test the stiffness of your skates to make sure that you have the right fit. Holding your skate below the tendon guard, try to squeeze the sides inward. If it folds, they are not stable enough to wear. If they give a little, they are a good choice for newer players. If you can’t squeeze them at all, they would work for advanced or heavier players.

The Toe Brush Test 

Another way that you can test the fit of your skates is to see where your toes are at within the skates. With your skates on and laced up, stand up straight in your skates. Your toes should brush the toe cap inside. Then you should get into the athletic stance and your toes should pull back away from the cap.

Breaking Into Your New Skates

While it would be amazing if your skates fit you well right out of the box, the truth is that you should expect to give yourself some time to break in your skates. The stiffer that the boot is when you buy it, the longer it will take to break in naturally.

You should make sure that you have skates that fit well first as well. Ideally, you should try on several different types before settling on one. Then you will have a better break in time than if you bought the wrong ones.

Another factor to consider is that higher end skates often can be baked, which is where they will be gently heated to the point that they are moldable around your feet.

This will reduce your break in time dramatically. Baking, if your skates allow it, can be done with a hockey professional or at home, as long as you do it correctly.

Sharpening Your Hockey Skates

Skates Sharpening

The blades of your hockey skates are the same as the blades of a knife. They have two edges. The blades need to be sharpened once in aware to help smooth out the blade to give you more control on the ice. This can be done because of burrs or pockmarks, rust, or even a previous sharpening that was not done correctly.

Ideally, you should have your skates sharpened by a professional at a skate shop to make sure that it is done well and correctly and to the needs of you as a skater. You should have your skates sharpened about every 15 to 20 hours spent on the ice, depending on how hard you push them on the ice.

Do Not Buy Used Hockey Skates

Buying used goods in general can be a great way to save money, but it is not what you should do with hockey skates.

Hockey skates, like shoes, will mold to your feet over time. The more that you wear your skates, the more customized the fit will become. And you will know exactly how many hours that you have put into your skates and any damage that might have happened to them.

Wearing a pair of skates with an unknown origin is putting you at risk of injury. The boots will naturally break down over time, making them less reliable and stable. Likewise, used boots will have been broken in by someone else’s feet.

No two people have the same feet so having boots that fit someone else, will never fit yours well. The skates could have also been damaged at some point, which means they could fail you when put under pressure.

Bottom line: do not buy used hockey skates. The same goes for hockey helmets. Always try to get the best hockey helmet that you can get your hands on. 

Final Words

It can be difficult to find the right skate that fits you perfectly as there are plenty of new skates in the market.

From this article, the best hockey skates for beginners are the Bauer Supreme 3S Ice Hockey skates. This is because it contains features that offer optimal performance, comfort, stability, and support.

The features include the Felt Tongue, Lightspeed Edge Holder, LockFit Liner, 3D Lasted Flex composite, and LS+ Stainless Steel Runner.

Before purchasing any hockey skate, you need to consider your skating level and needs to ensure that the skate fits well for a better game.

If you are not sure which model or skate line fits your feet better or want an accurate assessment and measurement, visit your local Pure Hockey to help you.

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