12 Best Hockey Sticks (2020) – Top Hockey Sticks For Beginners And Pros

There is a huge difference between an average hockey stick and the best hockey stick. Settling for a mediocre stick would mean a mediocre performance from you while on the ice.

But we understand that with so many options available, it can be tricky finalizing on the perfect stick for you. You shouldn’t simply go out and buy the first one that you see or look at what an NHL player has and get the same one.

Forget about debating about countless hockey stick models with all your hockey buddies – and check out this guide to learn all you need to know to get the best hockey stick for your needs.

From the type of material to the flex of the shaft, knowing what you are looking for will help you choose a stick that will improve your game.

What To Look For In A Hockey Stick

Best Hockey Sticks Features

There are several features that you will need to keep in mind when you are looking for a hockey stick.

Material (Composite or Wood):

Wood has always been the traditional material used for hockey sticks, but composite is gaining popularity with hockey players worldwide. Any competitive player worth their salt will use composite instead of wood.

Wood: Earlier, wood was the preferred material used to make hockey sticks. It is cheap to use, so cheap to replace, but it is not nearly as durable or efficient as composite. Recreational hockey players prefer wooden hockey sticks as it lasts longer on concrete grounds, but otherwise wooden ice hockey sticks is a no-go.

Composite: Composite is king right now. These sticks are way lighter.  Technology has been used to create the lightest and most efficient type of stick possible. It does cost more than wood, but they are more durable and will just give you a better overall performance.

The Flex Of The Shaft:

When playing hockey, you want your stick to work for you, not the other way round. Efficient use of your energy will lead to dramatic speed increases with your snap shots.

The flex of your hockey stick is how flexible it is when it is put under pressure. A flex rating is given to every stick and refers to how many pounds of force it takes to bend the stick one inch. So the higher the flex rating, the stiffer the shaft will be, which means more forceful shots.

When choosing the right flex for you, a general rule of thumb is that the flex should be half of your body weight. So a 200 pound person would go for a 100 flex rating or a 150 pound person would go for a 75 flex rating.

Beyond your own weight, how you use a stick and the amount of strength that you put into a shot will be put into consideration. Newer players usually should go down a flex rating as they learn the fundamentals, whereas a player with above average strength might opt for a higher rating.

Stick Length:

The correct length for you is also a determining factor. The length can affect your ability to control the puck, your shots, your reach, and even how well you can receive and pass.

Your hockey stick’s length depends on your game play, your height and your stick handling. Players who prefer short sticks are good at stick handling and can move the puck with ease. These players like the puck closer to their body, which a short stick allows for. A mid-sized stick will help you get into corners and dig for pucks, take a slap shot, and intercept passes. A long stick is best for defensemen who need a long reach.

Honestly, it is better to buy a longer stick and get it cut shorter at home rather than buying a short one and not knowing what to do with it.

Top 12 Best Hockey Sticks Of 2020


Skill Level



Check Now

1. CCM JetSpeed FT2

Editor's Choice


417 grams


2. Warrior Fantom QRE

High Performance


360 grams


3. CCM Ribcor 3 PMT

Budget Friendly


451 grams


4. True A6.0 SBP Grip


415 grams


5. Bauer Vapor 1X Lite


395 grams


6. Sherwood Rekker M90

Lightest Hockey Stick


355 grams


7. Bauer Supreme 2S


415 grams


8. Warrior Alpha QX


413 grams


9. CCM Ribcor Trigger


415 grams


10. Bauer Vapor X700


459 grams


11. Bauer Nexus 2N


425 grams


12. Warrior Alpha QX Pro


464 grams


1. CCM Jetspeed FT2 Composite Hockey Stick

Best Hockey Stick (Editor's Choice)

If you are looking for the best hockey stick that you can get, you should try out the CCM Jetspeed FT2. This stick has all the latest stick technology on board and will work well for elite players.

CCM JetSpeed FT2 Hockey Stick


The design of the Jetspeed FT2 includes the Jetspeed shaft. The shaft utilizes R-geometry for overall improved comfort. This level of technology offers rounded corners, concave sides, and even a streamlined shape that goes from the bottom of the shaft all the way up to the very top.

The feel of the shaft is also secure in your grip as well as being as comfortable as possible. The X-Flow technology that is within the stick allows the shaft to have a wider top and gets thinner as it goes down to the blade.

The Jetpseed FT2 is a mid-kick point stick, which is great for players who take a variety of shots from all around the ice. As a result, the stick has a kind of hinge effect that makes good use of the loading zone, leaving you with a great mix of quickness and response. The quickness also comes from the X-Flow technology which reduces the overall weight of the stick, making it easier to manoeuvre and carry.


The Jetspeed FT2 really doesn’t disappoint when it comes to features. It has a JetFuel-80 blade, to begin with. The JF-80 blade is made for enhanced control using a lightweight construction with a dampened core. This increases the overall feel of the stick, making stickhandling easier than ever before.

The stick is made using Sigmatex technology, which has been designed especially for the CCM brand. Sigmatex is aerospace level of technology and is a high-performance spread fabric with a weaving pattern that allows for strength and resilience. This level of technology is best-used by players who are on the ice 4 to 5 times a week and need to have the best stick possible.

  • X-Flow technology
  • Sigmatex material for better strength
  • Standard comfortable Jetspeed shaft
  • JF-80 control blade
  • Hybrid flex profile
  • We didn’t find any

2. Warrior Fantom QRE Composite Hockey Stick

High Performance

For someone looking for a high performance hockey stick, Warrior Fantom QRE is the perfect option. This is a top of the line level stick and is really for the serious hockey players.

Warrior Fantom QRE Composite Hockey Stick


The Fantom QRE is designed with the latest technology on the market. The stick itself has an Edge taper, which is a new type of angular taper. This design lets you put as much energy as you can in a quick release that behaves like a lot harder of a hit. So even if you use little energy, it acts like you used more. It has a low kick point, which also helps with the quick release time, giving you incredibly performance.

Also with the design are the geometrical qualities. Having this kind of feature built-into the design gives you incredible stick response. The stick itself is stronger and more efficient as a result. It really is designed to give you excellent stickhandling and control.


The Fantom QRE’s features are some of the newest pieces of hockey technology on the market. They include the True 1 Shadow feel. This feature is made to allow you to feel the puck through the stick, like the stick is just an extension of your arm.

The stick is made with Enigma carbon, which is the lightest and most dynamic material that Warrior has ever come up with. The 25K flat weave carbon brings a quickness and power to all of your shots, whether they are power shots, wrist shots, and even snapshots. That means this stick is incredibly versatile and is really built to give you the best performance possible.

The stick is available in the 60 inch length, but no other size. You can choose between a 75 and 85 flex, however, so you can still have option available to choose from. It might be a bit too much for newer players to handle, but it is completely built to give you the best performance possible.

  • Good feedback from users who said that the effective ventilation system kept their heads cool even in a heated game
  • Easily tool-free adjustable system that helps you get the perfect fit for your head
  • Durable materials used like high density PE and ABS shell materials
  • Great foam padding for head protection and an EPP base layer for improved energy absorption
  • Even though a medium density EPP is considered to be safe, having a lower rating would be safer

3. CCM Ribcor Pro 3 PMT Hockey Stick

Budget Friendly

Hey, if you’re anything like me when I was starting out in the world of hockey, you won’t have deep pockets to dig down to pay for all the awesome hockey gear you may need.

The CCM Ribcor Pro 3 PMT is an excellent budget friendly option. This is one of the best composite hockey sticks when you are on a budget.

CCM Ribcor Pro 3 PMT Stick


A composite hockey stick with a grip, the Pro 3 PMT is designed to provide an elite-level design without the elite price tag. The Pro 3 has an INT stick geometry that was designed from notes from professional and other competitive hockey players.

As a result, you are left with a shaft that has well-rounded corners and concave sidewalls. This leaves you with more stick control and a better feel in your hands. The Ascent Blade 2 features a tactile surface that gives you a better overall puck feel. It also comes in several flex, curves, and patterns.

The Pro 3 is designed to appeal to competitive players who don’t want to spend money. Since some players are more prone to breaking their hockey sticks than others, having a reliable stick that does not cost as much but still offers a great performance is an attractive concept.


The RibCor technology offers an array of features for serious athletes who are working within a budget. These features include the C6 carbon fiber, making the stick durable and stiff while maintaining its lightweight feel. It also has a taper that can draw the attention of the more competitive players.

Another feature of the C6 carbon fiber weave is that it is part of the X-Flow shaft technology. X-Flow has a higher ratio of carbon fibers than other sticks, which means better overall fiber compaction. It has fewer voids and less excess resin, which makes it both lighter while making it more durable.

  • Enhanced Pop Matric technology for better energy transfer
  • RibCor low kick point for a quick shot
  • Ascent Blade 2 for a better puck feel
  • X-Flow shaft technology for a better shaft integrity
  • C6 carbon fiber for ideal durability and stiffness
  • Flex is cut harder than the listed flex, so you will need to go with lighter than you would otherwise

4. True A6.0 SBP Composite Hockey Stick

For those who are looking for a hockey stick that has some extra explosive power, the True A6.0 SBP is what you need. The letters “SBP” mean “Strength, Balance, and Power.”

True A6.0 Hockey Stick


The design of the True A6.0 is to give you all of the power that you would want to be able to make the most forceful power shots possible, but still lightweight enough to be able to shoot quickly. The rib structure combined with the one-piece construction gives you a stick that is consistent and reliable.

With all of the carbon fibers that are placed within this stick, you will not have to worry as much whether the stick will break on you unexpectedly. Also in the design choices are the SmartPly, SmartFlex, Axenic Technology, and the BRT+ Technology, all of which go into making one of the top hockey sticks that you can find. The XCORE blade technology used in the seamless construction will bring you into direct contact with your puck, giving you an unmatched feel.


The True A6.0 has a lot of amazing features that will really impress power shooters. They include Axenic technology, which is a combination of a compression shaft and 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber. Axenic tech is patented by True, so you will not find it with any other manufacturer. The result is a durable and powerful composite stick.

Another feature is the SmartFlex design that optimizes the stick’s stiffness profile no matter what shot you take. The Braided Rib Technology (BRT) has an extended structure from the shaft into the heel of the stick, improving the overall durability and reducing the amount of thickness of the stick. It means that it is a heavy hitter, but still a lightweight stick.

  • BRT+ technology for durability
  • SmartFlex design for stiffness
  • 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber
  • Axenic construction for ideal blade balance
  • Great shaft impact strength for harder, faster shots
  • All of the features of this stick should not be handled by a beginning player. This is an elite stick.

5. Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Hockey Stick

Bauer has always released awesome hockey sticks and any stick from the Vapor line is always going to give you great performance. The Bauer Vapor 1X Lite’s precision and accuracy is unparalleled.

Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Stick


The Vapor 1X Lite uses shaft dimensions that can help give players a better time rounding corners while still giving you a nice contoured feel. Made for high performance, the Vapor 1X is designed using TeXtreme carbon fiber, resulting in a lighter stick. The carbon layering is meant to help with durability, ensuring that this stick is not going to break on you easily. Additionally, there is an Aero-Sense 2 blade core, which provides an “enhanced pop” when taking your shot.

This sleek is one-piece design has Monocomp all throughout, giving an even shaft. The Micro Feel II means that the player will have rounded corners and deep, concave sidewalls with a comfortable and contoured feel, giving you a solid grip.


This high performance stick has a signature ultra-row kick-point with a reinforced QRT+ taper, which can be essential for players that are looking for a high amount of accuracy. The stick itself is meant to be versatile, allowing better performance during hard passes as well as slap shots. It is also built to be one of the lightest sticks on the market, giving you the ability for better force.

One of the other features is the eLASTech resin system, which is designed to allow the stick to have a good feel and sharpness all of the time, even when you have had the stick for a long while. With an 11 percent faster shot release and 20 percent more stable blade, you will wind up with the best accuracy possible. It also features a mid-kick style.

  • eLASTech resin system
  • One-piece Monocomp design
  • QRT+ taper
  • Layered carbon for edge durability
  • Contoured grip for reliable comfort and hold
  • High flex rating reduces the amount of players who can use this stick

6. Sher-Wood Rekker M90 Hockey Stick​

Lightest Hockey Stick

If you are after the lightest stick possible, you should check out the Sher-Wood Rekker M90. This stick comes with all of the advanced technologies that an elite player would be looking for.

Sherwood Rekker M90 Hockey Stick


The Rekker M90 is designed to be the lightest hockey stick on the market. It has a low kick point, so it is better used for speedy shots or steals, rather than trying to get a slapshot. It uses a dropkick taper for a fast release as well.

Because it is so lightweight, you are guaranteed to have great handling and feel with it, as if it were an extension of your arm.

Additionally, the Rekker M90 has Flylite II technology on board. This design element provides a nice, even balance along the stick, making it easier to control than any other lightweight stick on the market. The design also has the VFR.8 blade.

This is in place to provide a better puck feel that will give you the most control possible. The blade is made using advanced foams to improve your stick handling while also providing a high level of impact resistance.


The Rekker M90 comes with Graphene infused technology. This is an innovative type of nanotech that helps the stick to be lightweight. In addition to the weight, however, the stick is still nearly 200 times as strong as steel, so it is unlikely to bend or break under pressure.

You will also find that the Rekker M90 has a resinjection system. This is a type of resin technology that strengthens the stick to give you a little bit more power than you would have had otherwise.

The stick might not be great at power shots, but it does still have enough power to make a difference. This stick really is for a fast moving hockey player who does not need to make hard shots, but who does need to move around the ice without being encumbered by his stick.

  • Graphene infused technology
  • Flylite II technology
  • Blackline XXV carbon fiber
  • Dropkick taper
  • VRF.4 blade
  • Too light for hard shots

7. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Composite Hockey Stick

For Advanced Players

Another excellent hockey stick choice is the Bauer Supreme 2S. Given all of the reliable products that come from Bauer, you should not be surprised to find that this stick is amazing.

This stick is a great choice for more advanced players who are looking for high performance and innovation.

Bauer Supeme 2S Pro Hockey Stick


The Supreme 2S hockey stick is designed using Monocomp, which is a one-piece construction. Monocomp is a popular technology that ensures consistency throughout the shaft. Having a one-piece shaft provides a high level of durability and allows for more flexibility than you would get with a two-piece shaft.

The blade is designed with advanced carbon layering, which is intended to improve the durability-to-weight ratio. The layering works by compressing carbon throughout the blade so that the strength of the blade is continually increased, but the weight of the blade is not. It is an innovative technique, which has been effective.


You will get a lot of great features from the Bauer Supreme 2S, including the Renewcore technology. This takes a pressurized gel and fills the inside of the blade to fill in any cracks. As a result, you will have a long lasting stick that should not break down on you.

You will also find that the Supreme 2S has a DuraFlex resin system, which is intended to increase the durability of the shaft as well as its flex strength. This comes from the TeXrtreme carbon fiber construction.

All of this technology is intended to give the stick as much strength and longevity as possible, but the stick does seem of have a few reports of untimely breakage, so keep that in mind.

Finally, you will get the Maximum Power Kick technology that is in place to maximize the transfer for energy with every shot. You should be able to generate power from the handle down to the blade no matter how hard of a shot you are making.

  • Great Power Kick
  • Monocomp one-piece construction
  • Renewcore technology
  • Advanced carbon layering
  • DuraFlex resin system

8. Warrior Alpha QX Grip Hockey Stick

Put simply, the Alpha QX is a high level hockey stick that uses the latest technology to its advantage. In fact, many pros love the Warrior Alpha QX line.

Warrior Alpha QX Hockey Stick


The Alpha QX’s design features the Minimum Carbon 1000, a lightweight material that will make it easy to carry and to use the stick without any learning curve. Additionally, the Alpha QX features a taper design that allows for better stability and control over your puck. The Saber Taper is a unique design that makes a stiff flex arc, stabilizing the blade and giving you the best accuracy possible.

Because Warrior is using the latest stick technology on the market, you will have a lighter stick with an incredible amount of power behind it. Also, with the Alpha QX, you don’t need to worry about slippery fingers in the heat of a game. The design features an ergo grip that will keep it comfortably in your hand as you pass, receive, and shoot the puck.


If you are looking for using a hockey stick with great balance, you won’t go wrong with the Alpha QX. One of the best features of the Alpha QX is the True 1 Phantom Feel, which helps give you a solid puck feel while keeping your stick where it should be. While most composite sticks are going to be incredibly lightweight, the Alpha QX is difference because it also has a state-of-the-art amount of balance on it, giving you a bigger hit for your snapshots.

We mentioned the taper design above, but the reason behind it is to make it more stable when you are releasing your shot. This feature will ensure your overall accuracy on the ice while still giving you an easy feel and reliable shot.

The most revolutionary feature of the Warrior Alpha QX is the Quick Strike technology. Quick Strike means that there will be effortless loading and explosive releases all throughout the stick. Now you can be the Alpha on the ice!

  • Lightweight and balanced
  • Mid to low flex point
  • Great puck feel with Phantom Feel
  • Built for durability
  • Taper design gives more stability
  • Has a tight design that only works for some players

9. CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D PMT Hockey Stick

Another kick-ass stick on the market is the CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D. This is one of the newest released hockey sticks on the market, so you really are getting the latest and best technology possible with it. Unfortunately, as it is so new, it has yet to be tested out by many professional athletes.

CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D PMT Hockey Stick


The RibCor Trigger 3D stick comes with innovative shaft dimensions, featuring rounded corners and concave sidewalls for great control as well as a more comfortable feel. It was actually designed based on the comments and needs of professional hockey players. It is meant to be as lightweight as possible so the stick is made up using a Sigmatex carbon fiber material that is also intended to be durable.

The design uses geometry to give you the reliable energy transfer. Part of this includes the low kick-point. Using top-grade carbon fiber, it is also designed to take a beating and not break on its first game while still giving you a better balanced feel.


There are a lot of great features with the RibCor Trigger 3D. The first one is the CCM X-flow technology of the shaft of the stick. This is a type of molding technology is used to improve of the power and reliability within the shaft. It works by removing any excess voids or resin within the stick, so it is sleek and durable.

The RibCor Trigger 3D also has an enhanced flex profile, meaning you will have an easy load as well as a quick release. The enhanced profile is a little different than you might have seen in the past, but you really have to try it before you decide. This is made to be an elite hockey stick. Using the data from pros, the stick will give you lightweight power.

  • Safer energy transfer
  • Sigmatex carbon fiber for lightweight durability
  • Ascent Blade 3 technology improves puck feel
  • Low kick-point means quicker shots
  • X-Flow molding technology on shaft
  • Still so new that it has not been adopted by professional athletes yet.

10. Bauer Vapor X700 Lite Hockey Stick

Finally, for our last hockey stick review, you should consider the Bauer Vapor X700 Lite. If you are looking for a budget friendly stick that is still reliable, this elite-level hockey stick might be perfect for you.

Bauer Vapor X700 Hockey Stick


Designed using the Vapor line’s Micro Feel II shaft, the Vapor X700 Lite has rounded corners and concave sidewalls, giving you the best and most controlled grip that you can find on a hockey stick. One of the biggest design differences that you will see from the X700 Lite is that it comes with more of a twill than a traditional fiber. As a result, the stick is stronger and livelier than other sticks that are out on the market.

With its aggressive taper, the stick also has a low kick-point, using the Bauer QRT technology. Like any of the great composite sticks that are out on the market, the X700 Lite is specifically made to be both lightweight as well as powerful, making it easy to take that slap shot when you need to.


The X700 Lite features a Pure Shot blade that adds a lot of stability to the blade itself. With a lot of extra material between the shaft and the blade, the stick will not open up or twist on big shots. Looking at the balance point on the X700, it is higher, which results in the stick feeling lighter in the hands due to where it is hitting the ice. Really, this is a lightweight model that gives you a lot for the price point.

It also has Max Balance Technology, which means that there is more durability around the edges while making the blade lighter. The Aero Foam I blade on the stick will also give you a reliable puck feel.

  • Micro Feel II shaft for ideal comfort
  • 3K twill fiber for a strong and lively response
  • Budget friendly and reliable
  • Thin taper and low kick-point
  • Aero Foam I blade for great puck feel
  • Twill fiber is not as durable as other composite fibers and will likely break

11. Bauer Nexus 2N Grip Hockey Stick

Another amazing hockey stick is the Bauer Nexus 2N. This is a composite stick with a grip and another quality product from the Bauer Nexus line.

Bauer Nexus 2N Hockey Stick


The Nexus 2N has new control shaft geometry as well as an easy load taper. This is designed using Sweet Spot Technology, helping players to load their shot more easily and resulting in better overall accuracy. The composite material that it is made out of is lightweight TeXtreme Technology, which means that you can really make a powerful shot and not be bogged down by the weight of the stick.

It does come with a control shaft as well, which will improve your grip and your overall control. The design also includes 14 percent rounder corners than the stick’s predecessor. The eLASTech design of the stick will also help make sure that it does not crack on you during a game. This technology stops the spread of any tiny fractures within the stick itself.


The Bauer Nexus 2N has a lot of features that might work well for you. There is POWER SENSE 2 Technology that integrates an absorbent core into the blade. This will leave you with a better feel for the puck and making you so quick that your opponents might not even have a chance to react. Another feature is the TeXtreme carbon fiber, which is 20 percent lighter than conventional carbon fiber without sacrificing durability.

The kick point position of the shaft is mid. Combined with the POWER SENSE 2 technology, you will have a great feel on the puck and more control over where you shoot. You do get a wide array of pattern options as well as many flex ratings, which can help you ensure that your stick is perfect for you.

  • Easy load taper for easier loading shot
  • Improved Sweet Spot Technology
  • Monocomp Technology for consistent energy transfer
  • eLASTech Technology to prevent fractures
  • POWER SENSE 2 Technology
  • Despite all of the fiber technology, this is not an incredibly durable stick. It only has a 30 day warranty.

12. Warrior Alpha QX Pro Grip

For a more traditional composite hockey stick, the Warrior Alpha QX built for power, and is made for rink dominance.

Warrior Alpha QX Hockey Stick


The design of the Warrior Alpha QX includes an enhanced shaft technology, giving you a stick that is incredibly lightweight as well as modern and sleek. The blade of the Alpha QX includes a HardCore X Foam core that is made to give you a reliable feel. Additionally, the ergonomic contour of the shaft’s edge is only going to further improve your feel.

Using a Minimus Carbon 1000, this stick is amazingly lightweight and study. This type of material makes it easy to use the stick as well as giving you a reliable feel when you are in a game. There is also a solid taper design that gives it stability throughout the blade when you release your shot.


The Alpha QX has a lot of reliable features to take into consideration, including the True 1 Phantom Feel. This means that it is light and well-balanced. There are many other sticks that are lightweight, but this level of balance is hard to beat. The balance also means that there is a better pop off of your snapshots and slap shots, getting you to bounce the puck right off of your blade.

The sabre taper that is made to make it more stable when you are releasing your shot. With more stability, you will get better accuracy and have an overall better performance on the ice. The best feature of the Alpha QX, is that the puck-feel is reliable and consistent, allowing you to take those quick power shots before your opponents even know what has happened.

  • Sabre taper for stability
  • Mid to low flex point for a snap-off of your release
  • Minimums Carbon 1000 for lightweight durability
  • Enhanced puck-feel
  • Powerful strength and durability
  • Does not have the fracture prevention that you will get from other sticks

Two-Piece Or One-Piece Stick?

Traditionally, hockey sticks were built in two pieces, with the blade being a separate piece than the shaft. This allowed you to replace the stick easily if it broke or swap out the blade if it was not want you want. Modern hockey sticks are normally built in one-piece in a composite material.

Most players are looking for the lightest hockey stick possible, since lighter sticks use less energy to make harder shots. Since one-piece sticks are lighter, this means that one-piece sticks are what you would aim for. The feel on a one-piece is also better because you can feel the puck, where you cannot as easily with a two-piece.

Hockey Stick Blade Curve Patterns

Hockey Stick Blade Curve

The curve and pattern of your blade is what can determine where you get the most shooting power. Each pattern has individual characteristics that will enhance your performance, including power, control, and accuracy. This is what you need to know about getting the right curve or blade pattern.

  • Curve Direction: Looking down on your blade from above, you will notice it curves either left or right. The idea is that if you are right-handed, you will want a left curve since your right hand will be at the top.
  • Curve Depth: The curve depth of your blade is talking about the degree of the curve. The depth can be slight, moderate, or deep, depending on the amount of an angle that you would like.
  • Curve Type: The three common curve types are heel, mid, and toe. This is where the curve of the blade begins, so either the heel, mid, or the toe. There’s no right or wrong, just personal preference.
  • Face Angle: The three types of blade angles are neutral, slightly open, and open. This is referring to the twist of the blade. The way that the puck will move when you hit it can depend on the angle.
  • Blade Length: A blade length is exactly what it sounds like: the length of the blade. You can choose the blades to be short, medium, or long depending on your preference.

Stick Lie

The lie of the stick refers to how the blade sites on top of the ice. The right lie for you might not be the right lie for someone else. The most common lie is a standard 5.5. This is ideal for players who use a stick length that matches their height. Players who skate low or just a long stick should use a flatter like whereas upright skaters or skaters who use a short stick will need a more upright lie.

The Feel Of Your New Stick Is Important

New Stick Feel

The feel of your hockey stick is referring to how much you can feel the puck through the stick. This will give you a better idea on where the puck will go when you hit it, giving you better overall control.

The amount of feel that you get can get from your stick is a personal thing. Many players prefer lightweight sticks because they can feel the puck better. If you are using a brand new stick, you need to have a reliable feel that will ensure that you hit it right the first time. This is especially important when you are just learning the fundamentals of hockey.

Your Budget & Skill Level

Another consideration when shopping for your perfect hockey stick is to think about what your budget is as well as your skill level. If you are working within a limited budget, there is no reason to break the bank and get a stick out of your price range. There are plenty of quality sticks that are easy on the budget.

Likewise, the amount of skill that you have will also determine the stick you should get. While you are working on the fundamentals of hockey, you will need a good feel of the puck and have a stick that is appropriate for your size and strength.

Grip Or No Grip?

The final factor that we will look at when you are shopping for a new hockey stick is whether your stick should have a grip. A grip on your stick is there to help keep your hands from slipping. While it might be a little too sticky for some players when the game is starting, once it is going, you will find that wet gloves have a harder time holding on. If you opt for a stick without grip, you will most likely need to get some stick tape and create your own.

Final Words 

When it comes to looking for the best hockey stick on the market, you really can’t do much better than the CCM Jetspeed FT2. Not only is it a lightweight stick, but it has an amazing ability to make the best use possible of the power from each shot. It is a mid-point stick as well, so it will work well for players who like to take shots from anywhere on the ice.

Some players prefer a low-kick stick, in which case the Warrior Fantom QRE would be a great choice.The stick itself uses all of the latest technologies available to give you a stick that can take fast shots, but do so with less effort. It is a high performance stick, however, so it might not work for everyone.

You will need a stick that meets your individual needs, but generally, the Jetspeed FT2 should check most, if not all, of the boxes on your needs and wants.

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