5 Best Junior Hockey Skates (2019 Reviews)

It should not be a major chore to buy hockey skates for the first time, but if you are looking for the best junior hockey skates, it is easy to be overwhelmed. With growing feet, you will wonder how long the skates will last before they grow out of them.

You will also need to make sure that you are following the size guides and taking your child’s comfort into consideration.

This also means that you need to be sure that the skates have been designed with either your or your kid’s comfort in mind. Let’s take a look at what really makes the best junior hockey skates “the best.”

Junior Skates Sizing

Junior Hockey Skates Sizing

You cannot simply go out and pick up a pair of junior hockey skates and call it good. You first need to discover what junior skates actually are. Junior skates are intended for children ages 7 to 13 or shoe sizes 2 to 6.5. They cover the elementary school ages.

One method of determining the size of skates you need is the circle method. This is where you would have your child stand on a sheet of paper barefoot and trace around his or her foot. Then you can use a ruler and measure the dimensions of the foot and compare it to the size chart provided by the manufacturer. The dimensions you are looking for are the length and the width of the toe box. If your kid has large feet, here are recommended skates for wide and flat feet.

Pay attention to whether they use inches or centimetres as well. Typically, hockey skates are one to two sizes down from a standard youth size of street shoes.

Top 5 Best Junior Hockey Skates Of 2019


Skill Level



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1. CCM Jetspeed FT390

Editor's Choice


636 grams


2. Bauer Supreme 2S

High Performance


614 grams


3. Bauer Supreme S29

Budget Friendly


658 grams


4. CCM Tacks 9080


645 grams


5. Bauer Vapor X800


630 grams


1. CCM Jetspeed FT390

Editor's Choice

Our choice for the best junior hockey skates are the CCM Jetspeed FT390. These are a high performance pair of skates that should help your young skater as he or she works on the fundamentals of hockey.

CCM Jetspeed FT390


The design of the FT390 is a lightweight build, made with a unique geometric design. The holder uses the geometric shape of the triangle to give you torsional rigidity as well as stride power.

The design of the holder is also 4mm taller than the average junior hockey skate. It is also a lightweight design that is made up of carbon composite material. That will give you a stiff base that also has an enhanced amount of energy transfer.


These skates have a lot of wonderful features for developing skaters. There is a CCM SpeedBlade holder that is attached to the SuperSkin Composite vented outside. This mean that there should be venting from the outsole to help keep feet dry.

The boot also has SpeedCore III technology within the RocketFrame Composite makeup of the boot. The RocketFrame is incredibly lightweight, but still is rigid enough to give maximum power. The boot is also thermoformable, so it can be heated to give you the best anatomical shape possible. Regardless, the boot is comfortable right out of the box.

  • Ergonomic shape for solid heel lock
  • Foam comfort pads
  • Lightweight
  • Durazone abrasion protection
  • Water wicking lining
  • This is not a good choice for beginning skaters because the boot is so rigid

2. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro

High Performance

If you are looking for a higher performance junior hockey skate, the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro is the best pair of skates that you can get.

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Junior Skates


The Supreme 2S Pro skates have a sleek design that looks more adult and less childlike. They are specifically designed with comfort in mind. The design also includes the durable 3D lasted carbon Curv composite with Total Edge Comfort Padding. The composite material is what makes the skates lightweight, but the padding is what makes it so easy to wear these skates for long periods of time.

The footbed of the skates use a lock-fit liner, which will pull moisture away from your feet, keeping them as dry as possible.


You will be amazed by all of the features of the Supreme 2S Pro, including the 3-piece, 52oz felt Reflex Pro tongue. This is an incredibly comfortable tongue that will make it easy to have the skates laced for long periods of time without any discomfort.

You will also find that the back end of the 2S Pro has a tendon guard with C-Flex technology, giving you the best protection possible from every angle. These boots are thermoformable as well, so you can bake them for an even more customized fit.

  • Carbon composite outsole for power
  • Thermoformable Speed Plate 2.0
  • Lock Fit Pro liner for dryness
  • Reflex Pro tongue for comfort
  • Total Edge Comfort padding
  • While it might be considered a lightweight boot, it is still heavier than most

3. Bauer Supreme S29

Budget Friendly

Our pick for budget friendly junior skates is the Bauer Supreme S29. These are some of the most comfortable skates that Bauer makes.

Bauer Supreme S29 Junior Skates


With their sleek design, the Supreme S29s have a low-cut design, which also includes the 3D composite injected quarter package. The composite guarantees stiffness, but also means that the boots will be as lightweight as possible. The outsole of the boot is also a composite material, mixed with a full-fiber boot.

The design itself takes into account torsional stiffness, which is where the boot and the outsole twist while you are out there skating. Combined with a sturdy boot, these skates should last until your son or daughter grows out of them.


These budget friendly boots have a lot of great features to offer, including the Form-Fit+ thermoformable technology, which means that the skates can be baked in order to reduce the amount of time that it takes to break them in.

Another feature is the hydrophobic lining, which means that moisture cannot pool in the bottom of the skates, keeping the feet as dry as possible. The boots also has memory foam along the ankle pads to give you that much for injury prevention and comfort.

  • Hydrophobic microfiber lining
  • Lightweight composite boot
  • Form-Fit+ thermo technology
  • Memory foam on the ankle pads
  • 3D Fiber composite+ quarter package
  • While the rest of the skate is cozy, the insoles do not have a lot of support

4. CCM Tacks 9080

Another pair of good junior hockey skates is the CCM Tacks 9080. CCM is one of the best hockey gear manufacturer on the market, meaning these skates have been thoroughly tested to make sure that they are perfect for your child’s hockey game.


These are a pair of wonderfully high performing skates, including the SpeedRib technology. This design is unique to CCM and includes triangular shapes that help you move, but also provide you with stiffness and stability. This means that you are going to have a lot of power going onto the ice.

The Tacks 9080 skates are designed with comfort in mind. This is evident from the contour pads and the anatomical response footbed, both of which help keep your feet comfortable. The tongue on the boot is a 10mm double-stitched felt tongue, giving you the best protection possible for hits to the foot or even lace bite.


One of the best features of the Tack 9080 skates is that they are thermoformable, so they can be baked in order to give even the smallest feet a chance to have a custom fit and a shorter break-in time.

Some of the other features include the Total-Dri dual-zone liner which is made to keep your feet as dry as possible throughout the game. There is also an anatomical response footbed, in order to give your feet the most customized feeling that they can get.

  • Total-Dri dual-zone liner
  • Anatomical response footbed
  • Smooth contour collage pads for better protection
  • 10mm double-stitched felt tongue
  • Thermoformable
  • Blade is not removable for replacement

5. Bauer Vapor X800

The final pair of skate that we will be reviewing are the Bauer Vaper X800. The Vapor X800 is an elite line of skates, giving you the best quality and performance that you could expect.


The design of the Vapor X800 includes an X-Rib design that is exclusive to the Vapor line. The X-Rib means that you will have the ability to move your ankles in the skates the way you need to while still giving you the level of stiffness that you would want to have for performance.

The tongue on the X800 is a three-piece Flex-lock, 48 ounce white felt design, allowing for a more anatomical fit over the foot.


The features on the Vapor X800 include the 3D Curv Composite quarter package, which manages to be both stiff enough for excellent performance while keeping the skates as light as possible. The X800 also includes the Bauer Tuuk LightSpeed Edge holder that has the innovative trigger release that many hockey players have come to love.

The liner of the boot is a Lock-Fit dual-zone grip liner which is specifically made to keep players’ feet in place. This can be uncomfortable for some players, however, since it restricts the feet’s movements within the boots.

  • X-Rib design for better stability and movement
  • 3D Curv Composite quarter package
  • Flex-lock tongue with injected center
  • TPU outside for better stiffness
  • Lightweight skates
  • The liner can be abrasive if you or your child try to wear these without socks

​What To Look For In Junior Skates

Best Junior Hockey Skates

When you are looking for a pair of junior skates, make sure you know what you need to look at. Three important features include:


The boot of the hockey skate is the “shoe” portion of the skate. This is where the feet go in order to wear your skates. Ideally, there should be an anatomical or agronomical insole on the bottom of the skates.

This will give the skater an extra ounce of comfort and protection, something that all little people playing hockey in your life really would like. The boot should also have some kind of water wicking device installed in it. Normally, hockey skate boots are cut low. This is to give you the most power on the ice.


Another important feature is the blades on the skates. The blades are the piece of the skate that is supposed to the touch the ice for you. There are different types of blades, however. All blades do need to be sharpened once in a while.

Having the ability to replace a blade is also important since the blades could need to be replaced more often than the boots need to be replaced, especially if they have been damaged or have rusted. Some blades do not have a holder that will allow them to be swapped out, so pay attention before you buy.


The stiffness rating on skates range from soft and pliable to stiff and rigid. The stiffest boots are usually reserved for more advanced and elite skaters, where beginning skaters should stick with boots that are a little bit softer.

In junior skates, you typically would avoid the hardest boots because they will be uncomfortable for children to wear. They should also avoid too soft of boots to make sure they still have the stability that they need to be safe on the ice. You can test the stiffness by squeezing the back of the boot. If they collapse inward they are too soft and if you can’t move them at all, they are too stiff.

Final Words

A common mistake when it comes to junior hockey skates is not focusing on the quality of the skate, assuming that your young skater does not need high quality because his or her feet will outgrow them so quickly. This is absolutely not true. Instead, you need to be sure that developing hockey players and growing feet have the safest and best junior hockey skates possible.

Our choice for the best quality skates are the CCM Jetspeed FT390. These skates are not only a reliable quality, but they have all of the basics to help develop hockey skills. Your young player should be focused on how to play the game and not be concerned about the comfort of his or her feet. With the Jetspeed FT390, you will be getting that quality and comfort that is so important.

In order to have the best junior skates for your child, make sure that they are both high quality and comfortable enough to wear for hours in order to help your child master the fundamentals of hockey.

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