10 Best Roller Hockey Skates For 2022 – Inline Hockey Skates

Whether you are just getting started playing or you have been competing for years, you need to make sure that you are using the best roller hockey skates that you can get.

But you cannot simply just go pick up a pair of skates. You need to know what features you should look at as well as the right types of skates for your needs.

In order to find the best inline hockey skates, you will need to think about where you play, whether it’s inside or outside, if you are a beginner or elite player, and what the most comfortable skates for you would be.

Once you have a good idea how you will be using your roller hockey skates, you can determine which is the perfect pair.

To help you on your quest, we will take a look at the wheels, bearings, material, and so much more about the inline skates to help you better make a choice.

Factors To Consider When Looking For Roller Hockey Skates

Best Roller Hockey Skates Factors


Your wheels might be the most important consideration when it comes to buying roller hockey skates. You get your power and speed from the wheels, so they need to be the right size and have the right hardness level in order to be effective for you.

Size-wise, your wheels need to be between 76 mm and 80 mm. The hardness your wheels depends on the surface you are on, with outdoor needing a softer wheel and indoor a harder wheel.

Skate Bearings

Your skate’s bearings are what help you to turn and be agile on the rink. You can spin at high speeds and stop well if you have a good set of bearings. Pay close attention to the bearings that are with your skates before committing to a pair.

The best roller hockey skates will have these bearings: ABEC 7, ABEC 9, ILQ 7, and ILQ 9. Swiss LE is from the Mission line of bearings and they are known for their high quality.


Your average pair of roller hockey skates will have an aluminum frame because it is lightweight and durable. Aluminum frames are stiff as well, keeping your ankles well supported and ensuring that they will not bend under pressure.

There are also frames made out for composite and titanium. Titanium is pricy, but some skaters like the heaviness that it gives rather than the lightness from aluminum. Composite skates also offer a different feel. Sometimes you have to try more than one to know what you prefer.

Liners & Outsole

The liner is the part of the skate that your foot slips into and the outsole is the exterior part the wheels connect to. A good liner is going to be waterproof or water wicking to help keep your feet dry while you are skating and to make sure that the skates dry quickly when you are done.

The outsole is often made out of synthetic leather or polymer to ensure the skates are durable and hold up against heavy skating.

10 Best Inline Hockey Skates For 2022


Skill Level



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1. Bauer Vapor XR600

Editor's Choice




2. Bauer Vapor XR300

Budget Friendly




3. Mission Inhaler FZ-0

High Performance


HI-LO Swiss


4. Bauer Vapor 1XR

For Professionals




5. Mission Inhaler 04




6. Bauer Vapor XR400

For Beginners




7. Tour Code 2




8. CCM Tacks 9060R

For Wide Feet




9. Tour Code 5




10. Bauer RSX

New Model




1. Bauer Vapor XR600 Inline Hockey Skates

Best Roller Hockey Skates (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best senior roller hockey skates are the Bauer Vapor XR600. Bauer is a reliable hockey brand and did not disappoint in inline hockey skates.

Bauer Vapor XR600


The XR600 are made with a one-piece heel and a built-in ankle support. The design is stable but comfortable, giving a little extra support around the ankles. There is also a hi-lo chassis made out of aluminum with built-in ventilation, keeping your feet as dry as possible. They are also thermoformable, so they can be baked in order to get the best fit possible.

The boot itself is a tech-mesh fiber composite that will give you a lightweight feel with excellent breathability. You should be well protected against blisters because of the design as well, leaving you with dry and comfortable feet.


The XR600 is a pair of elite performance skates. Because they are built more like traditional hockey skates, they are easy to get into if you have already been ice skating. They do work well with skaters of all levels, which also means that they can grow with you as your skills progress. There is also a revision variant kind of wheels on the skates which will help skaters of any level enhance their movements and skills.

  • Thermoformable for best fit
  • X-rib pattern for protection
  • Ventilated chassis for dry feet
  • Heel and ankle core is one piece
  • Padded tongue support
  • Extra support around the ankle is more than other skates

2. Bauer Vapor XR300 Roller Hockey Skates

Budget Friendly

Another great skate from Bauer is the budget friendly Bauer Vapor XR300. Even though they are affordable, you will still get all of the great quality that you would hope to get from a Bauer skate.

Bauer Vapor XR300


The Vapor XR300 is designed with a microfiber lining which will help keep your feet dry and comfortable. Part of their design includes a 2-piece felt comfort tongue which will prevent lace bite, keeping your feet protected and comfortable. There is an injected comp weave in the construction of the boot, which is meant to give you even more stability. They are thermoformable, so you can bake them to help lessen your break-in time.


These skates are not high performance skates. They are better suited to beginning or casual roller hockey skaters because they do not have the staying power for elite or heavy skaters. They come with mid-range ABEC 5 bearings, which are not as great as ABEC 7, but still adequate for casual or beginning skaters.

The hi-lo ventilator on the chassis will help your performance by making the skates easier to balance on, which is a nice bonus if you are just getting into skating. Ultimately, these skates are great beginning or casual skates, but do not give you the performance you might need if you are a competitive roller hockey player.

  • Comfortable microfiber lining
  • Ventilated chassis for dry feet
  • 2-piece felt comfort tongue
  • Weave boot construction
  • ABEC 5 bearings
  • Will not hold up as long as other skates

3. Mission Inhaler FZ-0 Inline Hockey Skates

High Performance

For the best high performance roller hockey skates, we suggest the Mission Inhaler FZ-0 inline skates. These are elite-level skates with excellent features throughout the entire skate.

Mission Inhaler FZ-0 Inline Hockey Skates


The design and appearance of the FZ-0 skates is a little bit different than other skates. To begin with, it has an off-white Curv quarter package with teal and black accents. You will also find that these skates use Poron XRD protection, which is an open cell, breathable technology. It dissipates any kind of force that you experience upon impact.

The design also includes contouring foam pads that wrap around the ankle, giving you a high level of both comfort and protection. The 10mm, 52-ounce tongue True Vented tongue also provides some protection for the top of the feet as well as comfort.

The tongue is made with a 5-piece construction that helps ensuring the breathability of the top of the skate. They also include an asymmetrical tendon guard for further protection.


The high performance quality of these skates comes from the top-end Hi-Lo Kryptonium chassis. The chassis is the frame of the skate. It uses a lightweight design that that allows you to have a high level of responsiveness. The frame accommodates two 80mm wheels and two 76mm wheels.

The performance is also improved through the Labeda Addition wheels, which are a high-end type of wheel. They are made for power and have better grip and flex that should work with any skater who tries them out. They have a urethane core as well, which gives you resistance to wear and further improves the amount of performance that these skates have to offer.

  • Hi-Lo Kryptonium Chassis
  • Labeda Addiction Wheels
  • Poron XRD padding
  • True Vented Tongue
  • Off-white Curv quarter
  • Long break in period

4. Bauer Vapor 1XR Roller Hockey Skates

For Professionals

Whether you are a pro already or are aiming to be pro, you can’t go wrong with the Bauer Vapor 1XR. These are made specifically for roller hockey skaters who need the highest level of performance possible.

Bauer Vapor 1XR


The design of these skates is as comfortable as possible. Right out of the box, they will hit all of the different comfort points along your foot. Once you bake them, since they are thermoformable, you will feel like you are skating on a cloud. Another design feature of the Vapor 1XR Is the Flex-lock pro tongue with a Flex-lock liner so your foot cannot slip around within the boot.


These are about the highest performance skates that you can find on the market. They are meant with professional skaters in mind, giving you all of the stability that you need to be powerful with the fine attributes to give you amazing performance. The boot is made out of a full carbon composite, unlike most other boots.

The composite material is lightweight, like aluminum, but it is incredibly durable, ensuring that these skates are going to hold up for a long time. Because of their comfortable design, your feet will be happy in these skates, ensuring that your focus in a hockey game stays on the game rather than what is going on with your feet.

  • Thermoformable
  • 3D Curv composite X-rib pattern
  • Full carbon composite boot
  • Flex-lock pro tongue
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • High price tag, only buy if serious about skating

5. Mission Inhaler NLS 04 Roller Hockey Skates

Another elite roller hockey skate is the Mission Inhaler NLS 04. This skate has all of the quality that you would want from a performance level skate.

Mission Inhaler NLS04


The design of the NLS 04 is very stiff, making them a good choice for experienced skaters, but not the best choice for new skaters. They do take a little while to break in, but are designed to be thermoformable so you can get them to fit more comfortable after they have been baked.


The NLS 04 inline skates are really high performance skates meant for competitive players who need to the most power and speed possible. The aluminum chassis is a hi-lo design, to get your heel to sit a little bit lower for more power. The wheels themselves are ABEC 7, which is just what you need in order to manoeuvre well around the rink and stop when you want to.

The hi-lo clinger wheels are not firm enough for heavier skaters, so pay attention to that when you look at these because you might need to change the wheels out. The width on these does offer a little bit of extra room, however. All in all, the responsiveness on these skates is excellent, allowing you to corner or spot as quickly and efficiently as you can.

  • Comes with Hi-Lo ABEC 7
  • Hi-Lo Aluminum chassis
  • Hi-Lo Clinger wheels
  • Injected molded boot quarter package
  • Felt comfort liner
    • The wheels that come with them are rated for lightweight skaters

6. Bauer Vapor X500 Inline Hockey Skates

Best Inline Hockey Skates For Beginners

If you are looking more for a beginning inline skate, check out the Vapor X500. These are a high quality pair of skates that really hit the needs of newer skaters who are just getting started.


The design of the X500 includes a reinforced Trueform technology with X-Rib. This gives your boot the stability that it needs for you to be effective on in the rink, but it is moveable, which is important for beginning skaters. The design also includes a 40 ounce two-piece felt tongue, protecting the top of your foot from lace bite and injury while giving you a little more metatarsal padding for even better protection.


Given that these are more beginning skates, you will be impressed to know that they come with ABEC 7 bearings, which are high performance bearings. This will help you master the fundamentals of roller hockey, including balance, turning, speed, and control over your movements.

The stability of the skates is a little stiff for beginning skaters, but might be the ideal amount for skaters how move heavier and harder than others. These skates will not grow with you as you progress as a skater, however. They are really not made for elite skaters.

  • Two-piece anatomical tongue
  • Reinforced X-Rib design
  • Water wicking microfiber linter
  • Heel and ankle design is one-piece
  • Thermoformable to reduce break-in time
  • They will not grow with you as you progress as a player

7. Tour Code 2 Inline Hockey Skates

If you are looking more for an all-around excellent inline skate, the Tour Code 2 might be the perfect choice. These skates have all of the latest skating technology and designed to give you the most elite performance possible.


The Code 2 skates are designed with a VORRAC quarter package construction, which is a high quality carbon composite and Surlyn blend. As a result, you will have stiff skates that can give you the most power possible. They also have a Knetic tendon guard, which is able to bend and snap with each of your movements. The tongue of the skate is an AeroRidge, which is designed to distribute and stress or pressure on the top of your foot using lace bite channels.


The Code 2 skates are high performance skates. They use a Labeda Eviction II chassis, which will give you stability and power, allowing you to move at top speed around the rink. Because of their reduction of negative space, your heel will lock in, making your skates essentially an extension of your feet. The heel and ankle foams also help to lock your heel into place, eliminating the risk of rubbing while keeping you comfortable.

  • Labeda Eviction II chassis for stability
  • AeroRidge lace bite channels for stress distribution
  • Reduced negative space
  • Honeycomb ventilation port
  • High quality carbon composite and Surlyn blend material
  • These skates run a little bit narrow in sizing

8. CCM Tacks 9060R Inline Hockey Skates

For Wide Feet

Skaters who have wide feet should never try to cram their feet into narrow inline skates. Instead, you should go for a pair of roller hockey skates that are built to accommodate wider feet, such as the CCM Tacks 9060R.


The Tacks 9060R are really designed with comfort in mind. They have a 7mm felt tongue, which will not only protect the top of your foot from lace bite, but give you a little extra padding against injury. The liner of the skates is an HD microfiber. Microfiber is water wicking, so your feet will stay dry regardless of sweat.

The boot of the skate is made out of a synthetic composite combined with MetaFrame technology, leaving you with comfort and support. The outsole of the skate is a low-profile injected plastic, increasing the rigidity as well as the energy transfer.


While the Tacks 9060R are a comfortable pair of skates for wider feet, they really are not high performance skates. They are meant more for beginning players who are going to be playing roller hockey indoors rather than outdoors. They do come with ABEC 7 bearings, which are a higher performance rating, giving you the chance to work on turning and control over your skates. The outsole’s design on the 9060R is rigid, giving you a great chance to work on your speed and the power of your movements.

  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • FastFrame Aluminum Chassis
  • HD Microfiber liner
  • 7mm felt tongue
  • Great fit for wide feet
  • Better suited for beginning players

9. Tour Code 5 Inline Hockey Skates

The Tour Code 5 inline skates are definitely one of the best inline skates that you can get. These are packed with the latest skating technology, giving you performance that you might not even expect.


The Tour Code 5 inline skates are made with a molded carbon construction, giving you increased boot strength. The entire boot construction is situated on a TPU outsole for better durability. The one-piece TRASS tongue guard is designed to keep the top of your foot safe from injury as well as lace bite.

The liner of the Code 5 skates is called a Quilted Tricot, which is a moisture wicking material. This will help keep your feet dry from sweat, but it will also make sure that your skates keep their odour down and last as long as possible.


These are great performance skates. The high density heel and ankle foams are in place to help lock your heel in while reducing the amount of rubbing that your feet might be put under with extensive skating. The wheels of the skates are indoor/outdoor wheels called Bevo silver.

They have 5 bearings, giving you pretty good control over your movements out on a rink. Combined with the stiff boot, you will have excellent control and power available.

  • Quilted Tricot liner for cooler feet
  • High density heel and ankle foam
  • One-piece TRAXXX tongue guard
  • Tri-Coil Eviction aluminum chassis for stability
  • Tour Flow indoor/outdoor wheels.
  • Narrow toe box limits who can wear these skates

10. Bauer RSX Roller Hockey Skates

The final roller hockey skates that we recommend are the Bauer RSX. These are a great recreational pair of skates for a causal skater. Regardless, they are well-made and comfortable skates.


The Bauer RSX skates are designed with an injected comp weave quarter package to give flexibility to the fit. The stiffness level is more moderate, which makes them a better choice for casual or beginning skaters who do not need the speed or power that competitive skaters need. They are comfortable to learn to skate with, however.

These skates also have microfiber liner to make sure your feet are as comfortable inside of the boot. The design includes a molded comfort EVA footbed, which will help keep your foot in place, preventing any blistering.


While the RSX inline hockey skates are more appropriate for less experienced skaters, they do have Hi-Lo court wheels which will help improve their overall stride. There is also a Hi-Lo ventilator steel chassis that will help your control while keeping your feet well-ventilated and as dry as possible. 

The chassis gives you a unique skating angle, with bigger wheels in the back and smaller wheels in the front. As a result, you will get a reliable balance and control.

  • Microfiber liner for comfort
  • Molded comfort EVA footbed
  • Hi-Lo court wheels for improved stride
  • Anaform ankle padding
  • Injected comp weave quarter package for flexible fit
  • These skates are not meant to handle heavy wear and tear

What's Your Skill Level (Soft vs Stiff Skates)

Inline Hockey Skates Stiffness

The stiffness that you need from your skates depends on your skill level. More advanced skaters will want skates that are stiff and give the highest amount of support possible. Newer skaters who are just working on the fundamentals of skating will want a softer skate that helps them learn the movement of the skates better.

You never want to go too soft, however. Too soft will not give you adequate support. You can tell the stiffness by squeezing the back of the skates. If they collapse when you squeeze, they are too soft. If they don’t move at all, they are stiff.

Roller Hockey Skates Sizing

The size of your roller hockey skates is normally lower that the size of your regular shoes. Pay close attention to sizing charts and never guess the right size because they are sized differently than your regular shoes. You want to make sure that the skates fit snugly, but are not too tight or too loose.

Too tight and they will pinch your feet, especially as they sweat. If they are too loose, you will not have stability and put yourself at risk for blisters. No two brands of skates will have the same size chart; make sure to follow the one for the skates you are looking at.

Get Your Roller Skates Heated/Baked For A More Comfortable Fit

You might not know it, but some roller hockey skates are thermoformable, which means that they can be heated to the point of softness. When skates are baked, the stiff boot softens, making it able to mold around your foot better, leaving you with a customized fit once it cools.

This will dramatically reduce the break in time of the skates. Ideally, you should have your skates baked with a professional at a shop in order to ensure that they are baked correctly, but there are ways to do it yourself as long as you pay close attention and are careful.

Final Words

When it comes down to it, you should want to get the best roller hockey skates possible. But the best skates for you might not be the same best skates that someone else gets.

In order to find the right pair of inline hockey skates, you need to think about how much you will be playing, whether you play roller hockey inside or outside, and the skill level you are working on.

Our choice for the best inline hockey skates is the Bauer Vapor XR600. These are the most reliable pair of inline skates that you can get. If they do not look like a good choice for you, make sure to read through all of our reviews to find the perfect pair of skates for you.

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